Advanced Flight offers helicopter tours, training, and photography

Advanced Flight was established in 2005 and from the beginning was developed to be different from the norm.

Helicopter Training

The helicopter training industry is unusual; instructors are normally the least experienced of all professional pilots. Most helicopter flight schools have low time, inexperienced instructors who are looking to simply build flight time before they move on to other flying jobs. They are still learning themselves as they try to teach others to fly. At many flight schools the same low time, inexperienced pilots are also used to fly helicopter tours of the local area.

Recognizing this, Advanced Flight was set up to be different by having only highly experienced helicopter instructors and helicopter tour pilots, with many years of experience and thousands of hours of flying and teaching in the Los Angeles area.

Specializing in the Robinson R44, Advanced Flight uses that experience to tailor training specific to the individual pilots needs, whether it be basic instruction or the more advanced training for which it was named.

So, if you're looking to start from the beginning or trying to improve the way you fly consider Advanced Flight and see why Experience Counts.

From basic private pilot training to advanced emergency procedures, the experience of the Advanced Flight instructors helps to teach students correctly from the beginning saving time, money and the need for correction later. ...more about Advanced Flight and Simon Jones

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