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Video Demo: Tail Rotor Failure

Robinson R44 Helicopter Video Enhanced Instruction

R44 helicopter tail rotor failure.

Video Demo: Engine Failure on Takeoff

Robinson R44 Helicopter Video Enhanced Instruction

R44 helicopter engine failure on takeoff.

High Flight Time - Experienced Pilots

Advanced flight believes that the best kind of helicopter instruction is that given by experienced pilots using the knowledge they have gained over many years of flying, training, and teaching. Read this article about Simon Jones!

Advanced Flight Training

From Private Pilot training, R22 and R44 Check outs, Flight Reviews and SFAR 73 Training to Advanced Auto Rotations and Full Touch Down Auto Rotations, Advanced Flight combines experience and technology to provide a student with knowledge and skills beyond that of standard flight training.


Advanced Flight offers non-degree educational programs/lessons and will apply for verification of exemption from the Bureau For Postsecondary education (BPPE) pursuant to its regulations and Article 4 Section 94874 (A)(F) of the CPPEA of 2009. This institution IS NOT approved for Postsecondary Vocational Education by the Bureau for Private Post-Secondary Education.

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