Established in 2005, advanced flight was developed from the beginning to provide the highest quality helicopter services by using only pilot’s with many years flying experience and thousands of hours of flight time, which in the case of flight schools is very different from the industry norm.
We offer training for private, commercial and instructor licenses as well as our specialized advanced training for which the company was established and named.
If you fly with us you’ll know that your pilot has been flying and teaching for a long time.
Please watch any of our videos for more info or feel free to click the links below them if you’d prefer the more traditional text versions, and again, welcome to advanced flight.


Advanced flight offers private, commercial and instructor training in both the Robinson R22 and R44. As we are a small, specialized school, all of the training is personal one on one instruction.
By training with our experienced instructors you’ll be given a solid foundation for your helicopter flying, whether it’s just for fun or for your future career.


Advanced flight was initially established to provide advanced emergency procedure training. We saw a lack of good quality advanced ed instruction for Robinson helicopters in the industry and that many pilot’s were flying with only a minimum understanding of auto rotations and other emergencies, primarily because their own instructors were also inexperienced.
By training to give a greater understanding of each emergency procedure, we try to teach students how to react in real world situations rather than the canned and staged training environment.
This means full touch down autorotation training, simulated engine failure on take off, tail rotor failure and many other maneuvers that aren’t normally covered in regular training are standard with advanced flight.


Having flown in the LA area for over two decades, our pilot’s have a great understanding of the local area and airspace and having worked with numerous photographers in that time, can adapt quickly to each ones personal style and requirements.
Having a good understanding of what the photographer is looking for and an ability to “see through the lens” allows us to safely get into the position required.


Welcome to Advanced Flight’s helicopter tours of Los Angeles, the ultimate way to see the sights of Los Angeles, Long Beach and the South Bay.
Our helicopter rides offer spectacular views of local LA beaches and landmarks.
Views include downtown Long Beach and the Queen Mary to the Palos Verdes cliffs and L.A. beaches. The Hollywood sign, Stars homes, Downtown Los Angeles and beyond, see it all with an unparalleled view. Contact us for pricing and more info!

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