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About Advanced Flight

Helicopter Instruction, Helicopter Rides and Aerial Photography

Advanced Flight combines Experience, Knowledge, Professionalism and Technology to provide the highest level of service for Helicopter Instruction, Helicopter Rides and Aerial Photography.

Experienced Pilots

We believe that the best kind of helicopter instruction is that given by experienced pilots using the knowledge they have gained over many years of flying and teaching.

From R22 and R44 Check Outs, Flight Reviews and SFAR 73 Training to Advanced Auto Rotations and Full Touch Down Auto Rotations, Advanced Flight combines experience and technology to provide a student with knowledge and skills beyond that of standard flight training.

Helicopter Tours of Los Angeles

Join us for helicopter tours of Los Angeles California including Long Beach, Palos Verdes and the Beach Cities.
Advanced flight was established from the beginning to be different from almost all flight schools in the US. Whereas most schools have very low time instructors, often in their first job out of flight school, advanced flight only uses high time instructors with thousands of hours and many years teaching in helicopters. 

Currently, all of our instructor also teach for the Robinson Helicopter company safety course.

This experience helps us to work with each student individually and use that knowledge to help them over any hurdle.

Whether it’s primary training or advanced maneuvers, you’ll be flying with some of the most experienced Robinson instructors in the US.