I have trained with many instructors, both fixed wing and helicopters, in the US, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Canada, South Africa and Argentina. I hold both JAA and FAA commercial licenses, therefore I have a good experience of the way pilots are actually trained. The whole mechanism has been designed to take you up to a point and no further.

With Advanced flight the training was fine tuned to my needs and not to a minimum standard that had to be achieved. Assessing my skills and tailoring a personal syllabus instead of squeezing me into a standard one.

Hands on controls flying for advanced maneuvers, made possible by the huge experience the instructor has on type and his personal knowledge of the student.

– Mario, Italy

In 15 years of flying helicopters, Advanced Flight is the only company I know of that trains a pilot for real life emergencies in a helicopter, where the training assumes that the site you have to land on without power is always in the wrong place.

I have been flying with Simon every 3 months for the last 5 years and I learn something essential about flying a helicopter every time I fly with him. I would wager that even the most high time pilot will learn something he didn’t know or never tried in the first session with Advanced Flight!

– Jack, California

I had the opportunity last year to fly with Advanced Flight. I was amazed by the professionalism and the high quality level of the training given. I really appreciated the warm welcome from Simon, the simplicity of the way he shows the complicated maneuvers and especially the very high level of experience and knowledge he shares. The training was so good that I booked more hours than expected.

The way the training is given will without any doubt improved the safety level of any pilot, and I would advise anyone to do it..

– Benoit, Belgium

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Helicopter Ride

While staying in L.A. for the first time we picked up a leaflet in the hotel for Advanced Helicopter Tours, we had never been in a helicopter before so thought this would be a great way to see the city. We went to the airport and met Simon who put us at ease and took us up. ” WHAT A TRIP WE SAW EVERTHING!” So if your going to L.A. Look him up, it is the only way to see the city, JUST FANTASTIC Thanks again from Wales you made our stay.

Helicopter Training

If you are truly serious about learning to fly Helicopters there is only one place to go. Advanced Flight!! When I decided to take lessons I checked all over Southern California. I wanted someone who truly had the necessary experience to teach how to be a safe pilot; not just to pass the FAA test. Simon Jones, the chief instructor for Advanced Flight met that criteria.

A Simply Amazing Tour!

We took one of Advanced Flight’s tours last year and were totally blown away! I’ve done numerous tour flights throughout the country but this was by far and away the best! I did the “LA Tour” and all I can say is that I really wish I had done the “Ultimate Tour”, the commentary was excellent, the LA landmarks that we flew over were amazing, (you get a whole new perspective seeing things from above) and we then topped it off with a sunset flight along the beach…it just doesn’t get any better! The whole experience was one which I will never forget and I hope to do again soon!